Regardel achieves a unique blend between two different music styles: the tango songs of Carlos Gardel,
and reggae’s distinctive energy and rhythm.

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After a 4 year hiatus, Los Pinguos' 2012 release "1111" is a playful mix of the styles they've
been developing over more than a decade. From the Beatles influenced "Bella" to the classic
cumbia of "Salsita de Camaron", the album is light and easygoing. There are only a few exceptions
to this: the haunting "Soñar" and the ska tinged hit "El Sereno", which is a reflection of the loss
of songwriter Jose Agote's voice. But beyond these moments of introspection, "1111" feels like
the many salty California summers they have spent in Los Angeles...carefree.

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California, Los Pinguos' anxiously awaited 2008 release once again defines
the fusion of styles typical of Los Pinguos, but continues to demonstrate the growing
strength and expanding palette of the band's music and musicianship.
Dedicated to their home in the US for the past 7 years and all the opportunities it's provided
to them, California is a fun, whimsical culmination of Los Pinguos' journey as a group.

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Released in late 2006, "Peripecias" was recorded at the famous Boat Recording Studio,
and mixes Ska, Reggae, Rumba, Samba, Pop and even Tango while retaining the same
unforgetable melodies & arrangements that have come to define the sound of Los Pinguos.

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Serenata, represents the evolution of Los Pinguos.Ranging from powerful
boleros with dream quest lyrics, to Russian polkas with a Tex-Mex flavor,
Serenata takes you on a journey all over Latin America and on into Spain...
with sambas, sertanejas and paso doble rhythms, it is a true culmination of the
band's efforts over the past four years.

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Camino Bueno was recorded & released in the band's current home of Los Angeles, California in 2002.
The tropical, samba rhythms of South America (and even the Caribbean) set the tone of this album with
impressive instrumentation and a fusion of various styles that make every song something fresh and new.

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Recorded in their hometown of Buenos Aires, Magia was the first official album Los Pinguos released.
A more traditional mood prevails in Magia, which taps into elements of bolero, rumba flamenca,
norteña and even includes exotic rhythms from India. The first track, Fumaza was the song performed
on Ed McMahon's Next Big Star television show, winning the competition for Los Pinguos.

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